Celebrating leading India’s tally once again with 16 metals, and reflecting on how consistency & upping our own standards will continue to define Dentsu Webchutney’s future

At the risk of sounding like a broken record on 2020, bear with us. Today is March 1st and we’ve come a full circle to what might have seemed like one of the most unprecedented times in history. A lot has changed, but frankly, we’re glad some things haven’t.

This fine morning, we woke up to some spectacular news on Campaign Magazine that sounded too close to déjà vu: 16 metals at Spikes Asia, equalling our achievement of leading India’s tally once again at the show and nearly matching our 20 metals from last year. Spikes Asia is always a…

A new virtual learning program in partnership with Indian Creative Women commences on July 1st, 2021. Applications are open between June 1st–June 10th.

The Ad Fellows is back. It’s our way to open up roles in advertising for people who ordinarily don’t think they can make it in the industry. In its new version, the program is open to creative moms who have been part of the industry previously and are looking for a way to make a comeback.

Given that the very nature of marketing services is changing, we’ve collaborated with Indian Creative Women to develop a new syllabus along with teaching techniques for the program, with modules on confidence-building and digital creative.

On feeling, healing, and grieving by Pooja Manek, Associate Creative Director

The first wave made the dead a statistic.
The second wave made the dead a loss.

It’s strange that we know how to deal with inexplicable happiness, even if it is second-hand, but grief feels alien, a feeling we want to distract ourselves from right from the moment it starts sinking in and sinking us.

One day I read a New York Times article about the neglected middle child of mental health — Languishing. The term was coined by a sociologist named Corey Keyes, who was struck that many people who weren’t depressed also weren’t thriving. If you’re feeling joyless…

Why you need yourself more than ever by Ankit Mathur, Associate Creative Director

I’m no expert at any of the above, but I’ve experienced episodes of each of them — through my own emotions or those close to me. This is a letter to say that it’s okay to feel either or all of them. Today, through this pandemic or in life.

A few suggestions I can make from personal experience.

  1. If you feel overwhelmed, arrested, or dazed, speak to someone near you. Just be honest, say the words: I can’t relax. Can’t calm down. Or, you need them to speak to you. Or, you need them to lie to you that everything…

A not-so-subtle call to get a life by Saransh Mehta, Brand Strategist

Image credits: Vaibhav Vidyadhar

‘Advertising is a passion-driven industry’ is what most of us would reckon. So much that we often hold others in contempt for being less passionate than us. And vice-versa.

But why is being ‘less passionate’ sacrilegious, when one can square off their job lists (and hence their JD) day after day? And not want to contribute beyond that.

Because we all have normalized the ‘passion’ culture. The culture that borderlines with, and creeps into everyone’s sanity:

Throwing in a number or two from a recently conducted survey* to prove how too much passion has costed our sanity:

  • 66% were still…

Two days ago, we hired Dentsu Webchutney as our agency after a two-year pitch process. And yesterday, they launched their pitch creatives as our first brand films.

Both, us, Webchutney (the agency) and Webchutney (the client) anticipated a bitter-sweet reaction, but least to say we’re overwhelmed by the love showered upon us, and are all set for the production of our next series. (Just kidding, don’t tell our client we said that.)

We received reviews within hours, one such that got us ROFL-ing, literally was this press review by Business Insider.

Sure, the pitch process took years, but the digital-led creative agency is now set to launch a series of brand films for the agency brand after a multi-team pitch

Bengaluru, India — Dentsu Webchutney has shot itself, but is it in the foot? It’s debated how much agencies should brand themselves outside of their work or their clients. To challenge this problem, Dentsu Webchutney launched an RFP in early 2019, with a clear brief to tell its story - and not unlike most pitches, close to two years later, the results are finally out.

Surprise, surprise on who won it…

A night where I met my team, without Teams by Ananya S Rao, Strategy Associate

Being a digital native and witnessing the revolution of the internet, it must come as a surprise that I longed for our office floors to reopen since day one. As I’ve repeated time and again, I crave ‘agency chaos’, the people, the energy, the everything.

My heart aches, every time I schedule a meeting on Teams without the location mentioned. If this meeting was to be conducted in an offline world, would it be in conference 1 or 2? I think to myself.

OKAY, YES. That was a major exaggeration, but my point being, over a period of time, you…

The only time I’ll ever like my Chutney blue and white by Sabah Sogi, Account Executive

Before arriving at the event, my anxiety was q u a k i n g at the thought of meeting my colleagues in person. I’m so used to my work-life existing on a virtual realm, and that a big part of it (the people… or at least some of them) were physically present before me, they were no longer just a profile picture, an anonymous Quagga, or the muffled, and scratchy voices I heard through my earphones on Meet/Teams. …

The ‘Covid-20’ batch got to meet their work friends and here’s what I took away from that lovely evening by Ann Mary Tom, Copywriter

It’s just nice, to meet a person.

The lockdown joinees had it pretty hard. There were all these people we were working with, but all we had was a name, an occasional face viewing on video calls, and a voice. But a person is so much more. A person’s presence tells you so much more.

Rahul Pai Webchutney’ has such a hearty laugh. ‘Priyanka Borah’ from the emails, is such an insanely cool woman. ‘~Ishtaarth’ is just as smart as he sounds on the WhatsApp groups. ‘P.G Aditiya’ should do stand-up. ‘Gautam Reghunath’ has such an impeccable taste for masks — was anyone else bewitched by his…

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