Dentsu Webchutney is OOO

We’re experimenting with our first ever 10-day winter break from 24th December to 4th January

Dentsu Webchutney
2 min readDec 23, 2020

If there’s one thing we’re deprived of while adulting, it’s the holidays at the end of the year. There’s nothing like the end of the year, especially this one. It’s when we’re counting our blessings, meeting up with extended friends & family while distancing, and catching up with a bucket list of books (topped by Gautam’s latest for us).

This year has been different™️, of course.

Meanwhile, we’ve tried to adapt and wound up doing things differently. (Scroll the archives of this blog if you’re wondering what we’ve been up to.) On to the money slide: we’re so thrilled to announce that one more of those different things is mandating a 10-day holiday for the entire agency.

Yep. That’s 10 days of no-frills-attached paid time off for all our amazing people across all our offices. For those curious about the details, plenty of us are volunteering, across days, on stand-by in case our clients need us for anything that’s super urgent. Rest assured, more than 90% of the office will be on leave on any given day during this 10-day period.

When plans were initially brewing for this new tradition, we shared a draft version with our clients, who were utterly ecstatic and championed the move. Approvals in hand, we spent close to three months synchronising and planning this holiday to offer as a surprise to the 200-odd.

That’s us, OOO: Over 250 people are going to be hiking, snoozing, reading books, baking, celebrating, standing by, and well, doing what they need to in order to recuperate from the year that was, whatever it was.

So yes, while adulting deprives you of the finest season of the year to do what you want, this year is certainly different for us here at Dentsu Webchutney. It’s merry.

Happy holidays!