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Notes from A Naval Brigade Grouping at The Courtyard

The ‘Covid-20’ batch got to meet their work friends and here’s what I took away from that lovely evening by Ann Mary Tom, Copywriter

It’s just nice, to meet a person.

Rahul Pai Webchutney’ has such a hearty laugh. ‘Priyanka Borah’ from the emails, is such an insanely cool woman. ‘~Ishtaarth’ is just as smart as he sounds on the WhatsApp groups. ‘P.G Aditiya’ should do stand-up. ‘Gautam Reghunath’ has such an impeccable taste for masks — was anyone else bewitched by his mask? ‘Binaifer Webchutney’s voice is honey-sweet. ‘~Prashant Gopalakrishnan’ is so nice. ‘Ananya Webchutney’ is so funny. ‘Tasha Webchutney’’s presence is so calming. ‘Sabah Webchutney’ is now my sister.

Themes are always and only, for aesthetix.

Casts are the greatest conversation starters.

And if someone walks past you — a person that made it to a party with a broken leg, without striking a chat, what kind of person is that anyway? You don’t need them in your life.

Minds are such great storytellers.

Teetotallers are tough, tall, strong glaciers.

Alcoholic: “Hey, drink a mimosa!”

Teetotaller: “Hey, have you tried samosa?”

Down your mimosas to gather the courage to tell someone you admire them.

Experiencing ourselves as interesting is elating.

Thanks, goodboy Webchutney?

P.S: Thanks ‘not very scary Pai’ and Mehar for being the sweetest organisers and for being the reason I was even able to make it to the party.

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