What Another Year of Topping Spikes Asia Means to Us

Celebrating leading India’s tally once again with 16 metals, and reflecting on how consistency & upping our own standards will continue to define Dentsu Webchutney’s future

At the risk of sounding like a broken record on 2020, bear with us. Today is March 1st and we’ve come a full circle to what might have seemed like one of the most unprecedented times in history. A lot has changed, but frankly, we’re glad some things haven’t.

This fine morning, we woke up to some spectacular news on Campaign Magazine that sounded too close to déjà vu: 16 metals at Spikes Asia, equalling our achievement of leading India’s tally once again at the show and nearly matching our 20 metals from last year. Spikes Asia is always a favourite playfield for us when it comes to awards & learning about where our industry’s future looks like. The range of categories, the spectacular jury and it’s a common ground where agencies all over APAC come together with their best work.

It’s no surprise our performance at Spikes Asia was exhilarating last time around, as evidenced by our tweets at the time:

This year, our thinking has evolved meaningfully. We think India’s creativity deserves a global platform, and we’re all about elevating it to that platform. It requires meticulous attention on what’s changing in the world — and staying on top of it. Consistency counts, and we’re thrilled to be flag bearers for a new body of work which is emerging from India.

Setting benchmarks on behalf of India and its creative fraternity is a responsibility we take seriously, and we don’t intend to slow down. A massive thanks to our teams, dentsu international, our incredible clients at VICE and Trigger Happy who collaborate in raising the bar, and the industry at-large, for supporting work that works.

Lest we go down the beaten path of #humblebrags, there is more to it than looking back. We’re writing this as a reminder to ourselves — that passion, hard work, and consistently realizing one’s own potential sometimes means those 21 years it took to become an overnight success should keep us going for at least the next 21.

Winning Work

The 8-bit Journo with Vice Media
Waking up to a media blackout on 5th August 2019, the people of Jammu & Kashmir found their lives brought to a screeching halt. Until VICE and Denstu Webchutney came together, to give updates to lakhs of Kashmiris through #The8BitJourno​: The world’s first teletext SMS portal.

Access to information is a fundamental right. We just made this fundamental right inclusive.

Tally: 3 Golds, 2 Silvers, and 6 Bronze metals, in categories which span Brand Experience, Creative Strategy, Digital, Direct, Mobile, and Media.

World’s Most Reported Trailer with Thappad
Over 73% of domestic abuse cases go unreported in India and we aimed to change that. Thappad wanted to inculcate a habit of reporting domestic abuse — wherever it’s witnessed.

Thappad’s trailer leveraged YouTube’s built in report feature encouraging our viewer’s to report it. Having been reported over 400,000 times ultimately leading to it being taken down by YouTube within 26 hours. Our film sparked an important conversation about the issue of domestic abuse and inspired people to act on it.

Our film sparked an important conversation about the issue of domestic abuse and inspired people to act on it.

Tally: 1 Silver and 4 Bronze metals.

India’s favourite creative agency. Estd. 1999.

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